Tuesday, September 25, 2007

9/4 Urt Bulag Valley

Today we covered another 30 km and I seem to have gotten used to riding now. I decided on a sitting trot instead of trying the other options. Bootsy still breaks his canter and there's nothing I seem to be able to do about that. We had a bit of miscommunication in the afternoon and I fell off when he started galloping away while I was taking a drink from my water bottle. It's not a long way to the ground so it didn't hurt and I rolled to standing right away as Dogii chased after Bootsy.

In the afternoon we visited a family preparing insulation for their winter ger. They also had solar panels. The family had two little girls and I gave the older one a stuffed horse beanie baby. She seemed very pleased and showed it off to her father when he walked in. When he asked who gave it to her, she said she forgot. Thanks, kid! Her parents seemed quite young. Mishidma said they've broken with the tradition of arranged marriages and now young men scope out the ladies, though they have a lot of distance to cover on their motorcycles and horses.

The ride to camp was quite short and we were no longer by a river. Our tents were set up on top of a tree covered mountain. It was Lisa's birthday so the cook made a cake. We still can't figure out how she baked a strawberry shortcake without an oven. I managed to stay up past 9:30 and saw the stars. You could see everything, according to Katie. I don't know anything about stars and constellations but all I know is that the sky was covered. We saw a number of shooting stars as well.

Here's the link to photos from Day 6: http://www.flickr.com/photos/54764455@N00/sets/72157602144397002/

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