Tuesday, September 25, 2007

9/6 Final Day of Riding - Orkhon Waterfall

Today is the official final day of riding. We have the option to ride tomorrow though. We got a late start since the horses all ran home in the middle of the night. Turns out Dogii and Jerdallen's gers are about 15 km away so they knew their way back. While Dogii and Jergdallen went back to retrieve them, we visited a family in a nearby ger. The father and older daughter had gone off to visit another family so the mother and younger daughter greeted us. The girl was very shy at first but finally opened up for photos. The ger was very clean and the mother was preparing milk to make butter, cheese and vodka. The furniture, including the roof beams, was all hand painted by the woman's brother-in-law. Orange is often used to brighten the interior.

When the horses were all back we rode to
Orkhon Waterfall, the largest in Mongolia. On the way to camp we stopped at Dogii's ger and met his family. Dogii was an extra in a music video of one of Mongolia's most popular entertainers. He tried to find the video but sang for us instead. I am trying to upload the video of him singing a song about being 18 years old. The words are all about the trials of being that age and trying to figure out who you are. His father also sang for us. He also had a fantastic voice. Jergdallen said their whole family could sing well. They wanted us to sing a song popular in our respective countries but none of us dared to follow their performances. Somehow I don't think my rendition of "Umbrella" would be a positive representation of American pop culture.

Here is the link to photos from Day 8: http://www.flickr.com/photos/54764455@N00/sets/72157602153450829/

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